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NMCA Alumni Membership

Become a member. Contribute to the NMCA Mission. Get some great benefits. Your membership makes us stronger.

Become an Alumni Charter Member by registering between July 1 - Sept. 30, 2021. Charter members get special benefits.

The $60 annual membership begins as soon as you register.

Membership registration welcomes NMCA Alumni to monthly Membership Meetings. (We'll have Open Enrollment meetings on July 14, Aug. 11, and Sept, 8 for non-members.) On Oct. 1, the charter membership opportunity closes and future meetings are for members only.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Invitation to monthly online meetings & playback of recording

  • Discounts to NMCA Online Workshops and Webinars

  • Discounts to NMCA live programing

  • Access to alumni-only NMCA documents and media, including updates to Michael Chekhov PlayBook, charts and videos.

[Special Charter Membership Benefit for CTI Alumni]

Setup a free 30-min consultation with Lisa Dalton or Wil Kilroy. Choose a subject to explore, ask, or get advice on. Make this opportunity a time to go much deeper with a Master Teacher.

The vision for this membership drive is to expand our 30-year ongoing training opportunities in the larger theater arts communities. If you believe your life and career have been enhanced by your participation in the NMCA programs, we hope you will join us. You can help carry Michael Chekhov’s legacy into the future, remembering that NMCA honors our collaboration and unified vision through a deep respect for each colleague.
Our membership meetings provide a collegial exchange with other members and master teachers, as well as valuable discussions on topics relevant to current needs and interests of our colleagues, alumni, and members. For example, our May meeting focused on Chekhov and Intimacy, with the latest information about Intimacy Directors Certifications. Past and future topics include On-Your-Feet techniques, history, resources, applications and more.
Your membership fees will fund improvements in our website and help us meet the growing need for comprehensive training with our cohesive pedagogy for Michael Chekhov’s system of acting. Future membership services could include even more exclusive online content. Your financial help can assist NMCA become a powerful, self-sustaining organization that exists for future generations of creative theater artists.
With your ongoing participation, both culturally and economically, the NMCA can grow into an organization that serves you and the community in increasingly powerful ways, bringing the BEEF!

Michael Chekhov