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Teacher Training Certificate Track


Meet the demand to teach Psychological Gesture, Psychophysical Imagination, Atmospheres and Characterization!

Includes applications for Auditions, Directing, Film/TV Coaching

Notice your actors disconnected from their feet? Acting from the shoulders up?

Are your actors always using the same gestures, tempo, rhythm?

Not able to see the actor s objective living in the action?

No charisma?

Predictable performances, emotional for the actor yet unmoving for the audience?

Body and mind in a mismatch?

Actors sinking to the lesser abled partner?

Actor s personal life not stimulating artistic needs?

Actors exhausted, unpleasant from sustaining character between scenes?
The Chekhov Technique builds upon Stanislavsky, synthesizing the System of Analysis into the body and voice through the use of psychophysical imagination and cultivation of the actor s spirit. Some of the most widely known elements include Psychological Gesture, Centers and Atmospheres.

The dynamic teaching duo of Lisa Dalton and Wil Kilroy have been teaching together since 1993 and carry the legacy of their founding partner Mala Powers, Executrix of the Chekhov Estate.

Expand your teaching tools!

Who should take it?

The Michael Chekhov Institute is designed to appeal to theater and drama instructors, experienced actors and advanced students. Classes focus on various aspects of Chekhov's acting techniques and the application of those techniques to performance, directing auditioning, and teaching. Each day will begin with a physical/vocal warm up, then continue into the afternoon with classes on various aspects, including characterization.

Evenings will be utilized for seminars, video viewing, rehearsals and group gatherings.


The Institute opens with a meeting with participants and then a lecture on the background of Michael Chekhov and the Institute.

The intensive culminates in a "Works-in-Progress Performance" of scenes. Parents, family members and the general public are encouraged to attend on the final Actor Day (6th day of Institute).

Teacher Certification Candidate Program participants will attend a 7th day and work on knowledge and practices for teaching the techniques.


This Certificate Program will allow participants extensive training in the acting techniques of Michael Chekhov and provide opportunity and feedback for teaching these techniques. The Certificate Program is administered by the National Michael Chekhov Association and was co-created by Mala Powers, the late executrix of the Chekhov Estate.

Candidates for this program must attend two (2) NMCA, Inc. Theatre Institutes , including the additional days in residence for the Certification Program. During or after completion of the two Institutes, candidates engage in a significant Thesis Project with the prior approval of the instructors, which may consist of application of the techniques to a stage performance as a director or as a teacher. This final component will be presented during the Teacher Day of a Theatre Institute. Projects must be completed within three years from first enrollment.
All certificate candidates must hold a minimum of a B.A. or a B. F. A. in theatre or professional equivalence as determined by the instructors. Teaching and directing experience will also be considered.

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