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a Virtual/Hybrid workshop within the DBD Advanced workshop with
Sarah Kane, UK Teacher

In our daily lives, do we ever consider the sounds we use when we want to share our ideas, feelings or intentions in words? Or give our attention to the sounds that someone speaking to us uses? It probably occurs rarely, and the words - sequences of sounds - rush on by unnoticed as we focus on the sense or meaning of what is said.
Rudolf Steiner’s approach to the art of speech and speaking, Creative Speech, has at its heart the principle that the sounds themselves can teach us how to speak artistically, creatively, if we become aware of them. This approach offers the actor-artist the opportunity to take a fresh and unconventional look at these basic building blocks of the language we speak, both in life and on stage or screen and to access their innate life as well as their individual qualities.
The five-day two-hour online course, for actors familiar with Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting, will be exploring the sounds, both consonants and vowels, as artistic and creative resources. If we notice not just what a character says but what sounds he or she uses, they have the potential to enliven and enrich the words a character speaks, colour his or her inner life and even give specificity to the outer form or appearance of that character. In this way they can provide valuable support to an actor’s imaginative, creative work.

Dates: Monday June 7 – Friday June 11, 2021

Times: 10–12 noon MDT, 11-1 Central, 12-2 Eastern

16-18 UTC, 17-19 BT, 18-20 Berlin


Return to this link each day to login to the meeting

Please be prepared to both move and join the in-person class in your own space where some movement, such as gesture, is possible. It will be helpful to have the name of a character you want to explore and something he or she speaks available, the words of which you would like to explore. You will be watching Sarah teach the in-person class on-screen from her place in London, but you are encouraged to join as if you are in the class. There will be opportunity for discussion and post-class interaction on-Zoom. 

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Rudolf Steiner
Michael Chekhov