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Michael Chekhov Training Intensive Workshop

Since 1994, focused on Actors, Directors, Teachers, Designers, and Professionals using communications skills in their work

NMCA returns to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the

Summer 2017 Chekhov Training Intensive Workshop

See info for Actors, Teachers and Directors below, find additional information, and register. Check the story about our new Deeper by Demand advanced workshop after the Summer Intensive.

June 4 - 9, 2017 (+ June 10 for Teacher Candidates)

EarlyBird Discounted Registration Date: May 15, 2017

Over 60 Hours of Learning and practicing Chekhov tools for Actors

Master Teacher Lisa Dalton presents Kristen Cerell with the NMCA Certified Teacher certificate in Oklahoma City at a recent workshop on Miochael Chekhov in the Classics.

Experience 7 Keys to Mastery with Michael Chekhov's Acting Techniques

    Act Imaginatively
    Teach Powerfully
    Direct Dynamically
    Improvise Creatively
    Synthesize Analysis
    Physically Interview / Audition Confidently
    Transform You Life Radiantly


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    Active College Students:

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    Click on Interactive Chart to learn about every tool on the NMCA Chart of Inspired Action

    Immerse yourself in the most
    Complete Teacher Training Workshop in World

    Expand your syllabus with cutting-edge
    mind - body - spatial awareness
    Refresh your perspective on analysis,
    directing and design
    Bring life-enhancing change to your
    Challenge yourself as an NMCA Certified Teacher

    Since 1994, NMCA’s Intensive Workshoip is a transformational opportunity to catapult your acting, directing, and teaching forward in a powerful way. Are you ready?

  • June 4 -10, 2017

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  • Deeper By Demand

    An intensive exploration into the depths of Chekhov’s teachings

    Save $150 with Early Enrollment by May 15!
    Save $250 on the 12-Day CTI + DBD Combo with Early Enrollment

    Folks have asked for more and NMCA is now offering a 5-day extension to the Chekhov Training Intensive. This special training, following our 7-day Summer Intensive Training which encompasses the Chart for Inspired Action. This program focuses on aspects of Concentration, Atmospheres, and Psychological Gestures. It will draw upon slower-paced, more intuitive and imaginative exercises.
    Additionally, we will introduce Steiner’s 6 Speech Gestures and Eurythmy, elements that were part of Chekhov’s Conservatory Training in Dartington and Ridgefield, CT.
    Mr. Chekhov loved creating original theatre through the realm of timeless stories. So, we will devise a work-in-progress presentation of improv pieces. We will play with how to use SynthAnalysis™ for devising performances.
    Concentrate on Concentration, Atmospheres, and Psychological Gestures
    These tools are applied to devising a performance piece at the end of the week.
    Find a more personal experience of each of these powerful technique.

    Get more information here.


Gainesville, FL. - Dec. 28, 2017 - Jan. 3, 2018

Registration not yet open; Email Info@Chekhov.net for information.